Our Mission:

Oro Valley


A civic organization focused on keeping our community: safe, successful, vibrant & financially sustainable.

Oro Valley Together strives to preserve and enhance our quality of life by making the Town a better place to live, work, and play by identifying and addressing key policy issues while increasing civic involvement and leadership.

Oro Valley - Fulfilling its Potential

For those fortunate to live in Oro Valley, it may be easy to take for granted its current quality of life. 

It is important to objectively look at the Town from many perspectives – geography, climate, accessibility, demographics, economics, community assets and long-term viability.


Oro Valley is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.  It is blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna native to the desert.  In addition, its location in the shadows of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Pusch Ridge and the Tortolita Mountains provide spectacular vistas and recreational opportunities. 


What We Believe

The Town of Oro Valley is a great Town.  However, clouds are on the horizon. Recent governance style and practice changes have led to a fracturing of the community and a lack of constructive problem solving. Confidence in or local government leadership is low.

To maintain and further enhance our quality of life, Oro Valley leadership must elevate its line of sight. 

Town leaders must:


  • Inspire a higher  vision for the town with high goals.   Oro Valley needs to be to Tucson what Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are to Phoenix.

  • Not demonize economic development and growth.  Thoughtful, managed growth must be encouraged, and a vibrant business environment supported and enabled, both ensuring the long-term, fiscal sustainability of the Town.

  • Engage with complete transparency when presenting opportunities and making decisions.

  • Encourage citizen involvement and authentically listen to their perspectives as part of the goal setting and decision-making process.

  • Foster a sense of community, rather than encouraging division between  differing perspectives.  Town residents need to  be treated as partners, not adversaries.  

  • Consider the long-term benefit of decisions on behalf of the Town as a whole, as well as the potential unintended consequences of the given decision.

  • Maintain town assets to the highest possible standards  benefitting  all Town citizens and  attracting business and investments.  

  • Be responsible environmental stewards so that the natural beauty surrounding and within the Town is preserved for current residents, visitors, and future generations.  

  • Oro Valley is a highly desirable location for people and businesses to consider – as visitors and as permanent residents.  Tourism is a way to generate significant tax revenues without overburdening town services


4 Topics

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The Issues


How can we help retain our existing businesses and help them succeed? What do we want from our elected and appointed officials regarding new businesses, industry and talent attraction? Will future town councils truly support economic development and effectively work with the business and industry? Economic development occurs primarily in the private sector and community development occurs primarily in the public sector.


Oro Valley needs elected and appointed leaders who are committed to bringing together the public and private sectors to ensure that Oro Valley delivers truly ‘business friendly’ service. Business owners require rational, thoughtful and supportive governance which brings predictability and certainty to business. Given the uncertainty of the future, Oro Valley needs a comprehensive and results-driven economic development game plan now more than ever before.


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