Did You Know?... The Theatre Arts are alive and well in Oro Valley!

We recently checked in with the Chairperson of the Oro Valley Theatre Company and this was what she had to say...

The Mission of the Oro Valley Theatre Company is to nourish the heart and soul of the towns of Oro Valley, Marana, and other surrounding communities, by providing quality theatre experiences, both on and off stage. We are thankful and thrilled to bring the excitement of live performances back to our community. The Theatre has the power to creatively speak, connect, and to inspire profound human feelings. Personally, I am extremely grateful and enthusiastic to be part of a theatre company which strives to enrich humanity, through a discipline which has connected people throughout the world, through words, music, painted images, and universal themes forever. I think I can speak for every member of the Board of Directors of the Oro Valley Theatre Company, when I say that we love what we are doing; we love to bring joy to our audiences, to know that they come to the theatre, not to escape life, but to find new paths of communication and to interpret life experiences through Theatre Arts. We have lived through a “crazy“ time this year and a half, but, by choosing to be positive, and hopeful, by looking forward to enjoying life by “breaking bread“ again with family and friends, and by sharing cultural experiences; we will remain strong, bonded, and attached to thoughts of a promising future. We will look forward to seeing you in the audience when the lights come up in November. Our opening show, Steel Magnolias, is a comedy/drama with a warm heart, about the importance of human contact and connection.

Performance Dates Steel Magnolias Nov 3, 6PM; Nov 7, 2PM and 6PM; Nov 10, 6PM
All performances at Gaslight Music Hall Oro Valley 13005 N Oracle Rd 520-529-1000 Thank you, Judi Rodman, PhD Chairperson

Board Members: Bob and Cindy Asbell, Sasha Case, Kristy Diaz-Trahan, Andraea Douglas, William Fry, PhD, Misti Nowak, Galen Pate, Dave Perry.


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