Did You Know?... Parks and Recreation Supported by Public Safety

Oro Valley has a long history of public safety support and promotion of parks and recreation programs. This started long before there was the dedicated parks and recreation department that we know and appreciate today. In the later 80’s, the Police department saw the development of homes on the horizon, that was sure to bring younger families to town with children who needed recreational opportunities. As development continued through the 90’s, the family homes -especially in Canada Hills- led the police department to advocate for the development of parks, with a focus on youth activities. This was done to make sure appropriate areas were developed for youth activities. It was an outreach that was part of a problem-oriented policing strategy, which included crime prevention through environmental design reviews and approvals.

As public safety moved into the new century, the police department became focused on developing an all-inclusive community policing philosophy, that was the continuation of the problem-oriented policing strategy. As it pertained to parks and recreation, there was now a parks and recreation department to partner with. The police department located funding to further the DARE program, by purchasing a Rec and Roll trailer, to take youth recreation programs to different locations throughout the town. During the summer months, School Resource Officers were assigned alongside parks and recreation members to support the programs.

Today the Parks and Recreation opportunities in Oro Valley are wide ranging and inclusive of all age groups and interests. This is a result of tremendous cooperation throughout the Town Departments with the community's support. It is our hope that this will continue long into the future to provide the safety and quality of life that the community expects.


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