Part 2, A Follow-Up To The Town’s ADA ISSUE:

“Shameful, shameful!!”, a disabled Oro Valley resident exclaimed, when confronting Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett, and other Councilmembers at this week’s town meeting.

We recently made our readers aware of a very concerning video that had surfaced involving a serious ADA accessibility issue at the Oro Valley Community Center. We have discovered that the gentleman who created the original video has just published a podcast-montage of the outraged residents who publicly spoke before the Mayor and Council at the meeting. (see link below)

Another concerned resident stated that he was there to express his extreme disappointment in the condition of the community center and the fact that it is still not ADA friendly. He went on to say that “our town is millions of dollars in debt with millions more going toward tennis courts, splash pads (Vice Mayor Barrett’s request), and jump tracks, whatever that is.” (A bicycle pump track that Councilmember Nicolson has requested be built by the Town). He concluded his statements by letting the Mayor know that he brings his young grandson to the park playgrounds and they really enjoy them, but that he feels the ADA issue also needs to be addressed and should have been made a priority by the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Councilmembers.

With so many residents in our community who live with mobility issues, it’s understandable why people are demanding answers from Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett, and Councilmembers. Thankfully, Councilmembers Solomon and Greene requested that the issue be placed on the very next agenda for possible action. (Perhaps we will finally find out what happened to the $750,000 that was set aside for the elevator a few years ago.) Hopefully they will take heed and do the right thing for our residents. We encourage all of our readers to attend the next Council meeting on April 6th at 6pm to have your voice be heard.

To listen to the podcast-montage, please click HERE

To watch the original video, please click HERE


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