We must do a better job of moving at the speed of business.

As our community transforms from economic recovery to economic resilience, we must do an even better job of moving at ‘the speed of businesses’. Some important questions come to mind.

How can we help retain our existing businesses and help them succeed? What do we want from our elected and appointed officials regarding new businesses, industry and talent attraction? Will future town councils truly support economic development and effectively work with the business and industry? Economic development occurs primarily in the private sector and community development occurs primarily in the public sector.

Oro Valley needs elected and appointed leaders who are committed to bringing together the public and private sectors to ensure that Oro Valley delivers truly ‘business friendly’ service. Too often we hear that Oro Valley is perceived by land owners and developers as being comparatively difficult to deal with and “Too Political” even with the highest quality proposed projects. As a result, our “Brand Identity” Vis a Vis other communities continues to cost the community lost opportunities. Bottom line…

Business owners require rational, thoughtful and supportive governance which brings predictability and certainty to business. Given the uncertainty of the future, Oro Valley needs a comprehensive and results-driven economic development game plan now more than ever before.

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