We deserve to be Oro Valley Together, NOT Oro Valley Apart!

For the last three years, we have allowed our Majority Council Members (Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett, Josh Nicolson and Joyce Jones-Ivey) to tell us that we only deserve “one or the other” when it comes to issues that are important to all of our community members.

Why must we be forced to choose? Why must we be forced to pit neighbor against neighbor? What good can possibly come from that?

No longer will they tell us that we can only have One Or The Other. We deserve ball fields, we deserve walking trails, we deserve municipal golf courses to be maintained, we deserve the community center to be A.D.A compliant for our wonderful residents of all ages and abilities. Yes, we deserve it all!

Oro Valley is an amazing Town with unbelievable natural beauty, extraordinarily talented residents, and untapped potential to excel. We need our leaders to turn their attention away from the constant-divide culture and focus on our community as a whole.

Our Town has the potential to attract high quality industry, good paying jobs, and be an enviable destination for tourists. Together, we can enhance the quality of life for all of our residents. We must maintain the things the Town already owns and be responsible stewards for our community. We can build a sustainable environmental infrastructure and manage responsible growth that supports lasting prosperity for all its residents.

Our Town Leadership must be honest and transparent, and they should listen and engage ALL residents so that decisions are smart, responsible and beneficial for the long term.

When we are Oro Valley Together, nobody can pull us apart!


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